Our array of products includes the manufacture of highquality doner cutting equipment and grills as well as the global action of catering equipment in more than 80 nations all over the world.

Our private brands are CEYLAN®, DEVRAN®, HERAN® und SEYMEN®.
Since 15 years we coin the market of gastronomy technology with the basic concept of qualitiy, efficiency and service.
Thousands of snack bars and restaurants are using mchines of the company Ceylan, so that they can serve the customers quickly, efficiently and securely.
By CEYLAN are your questions, problems and wishes in good hands. We gain the same experience and for that reason we know what is important in the practice for you.

✔ Quality goods for equitable prices
✔ Competent advisory service
✔ Qucik delivery
✔ Customer Satisfaction

Devran Seymen Saran GO-D4 GU-D4